Okay Google, the "missing" info is missing an option to include the missing search keywords again. Why do you think I used those keywords in the first place?
Can't we get a decent search engine in 2022?

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    DuckDuckGo for technical

    Mojeek to see what they have been hiding from you
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    @Demolishun I agree, DuckDuckGo is awesome. Firefox and Safari let you use it as your default search engine (idk about Chrome), and their privacy practices are wonderful!
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    @Demolishun unfortunately DuckDuckGo has not yet been more helpful whenever I tried, especially not when it comes to technological issues, same with Bing and meta engines using bing, like Ecosia. Alternative engines seem to operate even less precisely than Google does.

    And Google does a lot of fuzziness and guessing the "right" question that I might have meant, ignoring what I actually typed.

    Might be good for regular day-to-day queries like finding a restaurant or a public toilet, but I would really appreciate a good search engine for professional programmers, I might even pay for it.
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    umm, just type keywords in query, not that hard.
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    @theabbie let me amend my requirements: I want a search engine that delivers helpful results that match the query that I typed as much as possible
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    @fraktalisman Google does exactly that, because if Google can't, maybe the results don't exist on internet.
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