I'm sure many of you have old laptops and PCs lying around at home. Don't throw them away, and don't just leave them out there. Put them to use.

Install a Linux distro on them and they'll be as good as new https://linuxstans.com/best-linux-d...

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    Crazy idea, how come no one has ever thought of that before
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    noisy, power-inefficient and/or with dead batteries, slow HDD or small SSD (also slow), 2GB or 4GB RAM, connectors so outdated that I need to buy a new monitor for them, old slow 802.11n wifi adapter...

    naah, it'll be less painful to just use them as my backup, in case my main machine died. Because upgrading it up to decent levels would cost quite some €€€s. And as my financial state heavily depends on my tool (i.e. a computer), I'd rather not make compromises and use proper, suitable, non-outdated equipment instead.
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    Did you assume they didn't already have Linux running before they died? Bahahahahahahahaha 😂
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    @netikras 11n sounds too fast
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    @electrineer true... I guess that depends on the definition of "old"
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    I mostly mind they are noisy. I Sometimes start them up for intensive stuff but nah, I have Raspberries for non-stop server running...

    Could be fun to try and run my laptops as an on-demand service though, might look into that
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    That’s a good idea actually.
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