During these past few COVID year, I've (so far) managed to not actually get the 'rona (not as far as I know anyway).

You know what this whole mess HAS gotten me though?

Just over 200 movies in a queue to watch.

I'm gonna need another pandemic and lockdown just to get through all that shit! Which of course won't work because it just keeps growing now, never shrinks.

...which makes me think I've discovered a new virus: streaming movies... they sure as hell seem to replicate like a virus, don't they?

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    I collect these things not for me today.

    I collect these things for when society crumbles.

    Unfortunately I think I'm pulling a Henry Bemis.
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    If we talk nicely to Chiner, maybe the'll give us the Rona Pro™ next year...
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    @PonySlaystation everyone knows it's not real rona unless it comes from communist China.

    Everything else is just sparkling flu.
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