Have any of you ever lost your job because you couldn't meet a deadline? ( The reason being because you didn't have enough experience to fix an issue so you could deliver on time) How did you bounce back?

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    Edit: not necessarily because of lack of experience, but because you couldn't​ solve a problem you came up against.
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    Not been sacked. But in tech business it sounds a bit off to sack someone because they cannot get a system to work the way you want.

    What makes employer/client so sure that their request is reasonable?

    Further, your attempt to research and fix this problem makes you the expert in this issue. So to then dismiss someone who is more expert than you seems a bit suspect.

    Wreaks of faux optimization
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    Never for that reason, but when I was fired I just started looking for a new one. If you consider you didn't have experience enough for the job, first try to assess if the problem was in your side (you "sold" yourself as having a higher seniority than the actual one) or in your management (they gave you a task way over the skills they asked of you to get the job). In the first case, be humble and search a "lower" job next time, or take the time to study and practice to get to what you want if you can afford it. If it's the second one, just say you where fired because they needed a higher seniority on your interviews and that's it.
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    @Samrodev ouch. So you have about a week or so to build the Android app, then a week to polish it. Then the same for the iOS app.

    Good luck
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    @Samrodev Do you have prior experience with iOS / Android dev? That seems pretty harsh if you dont have any.
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    @Samrodev I feel your pain. The problem I'm facing is a memory leak in an Angular2 app. This will be the first memory leak I've encountered in my <2 years of experience where something in my code, not a third party library, is causing the leak. Good luck to us both.
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