What are some strategies to grow when your team size is increasing? My team will be doubling in 6 months. All devs.

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    onboarding. communications. work on the learn/productive curve.
    also - listen to the new devs, and don't pull the "I know better, shutup" shit.
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    Growing too quickly cann lead to collapse, thus it's essential to get processes and documentation ahead of growth.
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    Add a few more senior Devs/Leads to spread the load. Otherwise,

    You will be pestered with
    1. more questions and issues
    2. More meetings
    3. More Jira tracking and maintenance
    4. More planning, arguments, frustrations in general

    Basically, it should be a controlled meaningful proportional growth
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    For byte's sake, listen to @PonySlaystation . document and clarify your processes or soon enough the word "clusterfuck" will be an understatement.
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    @JsonBoa I'm no expert though...
    I witnessed a partner company go bankrupt due to tripling their size within some 14 months. But COVID might have played a role in it as well.
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    Reading books about scaling teams and business is a good strategy. Unfortunately I have no recommendations on this topic but someone else might?
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    Like others have said, documentation for process in place now, _and_ make sure all new devs have access to it day one.

    Also, I would add to make sure the documentation includes all setup needed to get your solutions running locally on a bare bones dev machine.
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    It is a good idea to ask everyone about their previous scaling experiences, good and bad, from previous jobs. If they come up with potential issues ask the team how they could be mitigated. People use to engage more in what they have contributed for.
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