Just got off a call doing some classic "I know you are not tech support but please help me connect my iPhone to my computer", and I heard the following words:

"What's the Windows start button?"

This was not a boomer. This was not a Gen Y, Gen X, or even Millenial!

I shit you not, a zoomer did not know what or where the windows start button was.

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    I love the "technically-challenged" tag.
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    Maybe they were using Win 8 in tablet mode
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    My dad is pre-boomer. And he could teach these younger gens a thing or two about computers. And no, my parents had me late enough that I am not a boomer either. Some of my older siblings are though.

    Also, the Start button actually used to say Start. So it is kinda confusing.
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    Even after all these years, when my wife calls me and has an issue

    Me: "Click start"

    Her: "Click what? Start what?"

    Me: "The icon on the bottom left."

    Her: "OK...the little window looking thingy. Where I shut down. Why don't you call it that?"
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    MS had removed the word "Start" from that button a long time ago because it isn’t really about starting something. It’s more like a "everything that a basic user needs" menu button. And it also contains the shut down function which is probably the function that the start button is used for the most.
    I don’t know how MS refers to that button now. Maybe Windows button. But this was definitely a good thing to change.
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    @Lensflare If you hover the button it says "Start".

    User: I want to shutdown.

    Tech: Press Start button.

    User: But I want to shutdown, not start.
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    @Demolishun holy shit you are right. Never noticed it.
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    @Lensflare I had to check.
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