I just saw people speaking about arch linux. Seems like there is not a lot of people using arch here. So I may be the only one on Gentoo? :'(

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    Gentoo > every other distro.

    Wish I had the time to install Gentoo
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    secretly you want to switch, but you don't want all the tame it took to set up your current system to feel like wasted time ;)
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    @Linux @noodlemaster well when you have some practice it's okay. I need 30min before launch the compilation of every software.
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    I do not know anyone that is done installing Gentoo ;)
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    I love Arch-linux. Had some graphic driver issues, so currently using FreeBSD.
    (Just don't wanna use Windows.)
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    @darkness I'd like to try some bsd system. But they don't have vulkan :( graphics are not the best part.
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    I use gentoo o a lot of projects, I don't think I ever used arch 😀
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    I'm just not hardcore enough, I guess. I like a distribution that is a bit easier to set up, even if I give up some control. So it's Fedora for me.
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    used slackware then Gentoo now i switched to fedora.
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    LFS and Gentoo are great to learn Linux.

    For daily basis doesn't make sense to me those distributions.
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