Women In Tech Week

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    So women's week is 4 days long. Iiiiinteresting.

    (Jokes on me, I'm a woman and work 4-day week, which btw is super awesome.)
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    @lankku The 25th is a Friday. I guess they expect us to be back at the kitchen, cooking for the weekend :)
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    When's Men in tech week?
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    @NickyBones I mean if a woman likes to do that why not. But expecting that would be a bit far
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    @12bitfloat "Men in Tech Minute" rather. 1 minute of silence for all the stressed out and depressed man-devs 😄
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    @PonySlaystation And we don't even have _that_ :D
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    @PonySlaystation It is still expected though, in many countries. Most of my women colleagues get the evil-eye-"you're-a-bad-mother" glare for not being at home when the children return from school...society is still very judgmental about working women, despite all the glitter we see in the media.

    I personally like watching people cook. I think it's really attractive. I don't mind doing the dishes.
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    @NickyBones True...
    Well I'd love to cook for you as much as you'd like if you do the dishes. 😊
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    @NickyBones True, but people always talk about it like it's the evil west that can't stop oppressing women when there are other countries that actually do

    Women in the west have it very good, better than most of the men tbqh
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    @12bitfloat Women oppression (and human rights in general) is a spectrum. Yes, there is always Afghanistan and such as example of absolute oppression. But it doesn't mean we have to ignore small evils happening in the West - if EU and such want to claim moral superiority then they have to deliver.

    I hardly think I have it better than a man - definitely not in tech. Maybe if I was starting an OnlyFans I would have an advantage.

    As it is, I did a full mandatory army service and I am still treated as a second class citizen. Employers still do the multidimensional calculus of "she is in the age where she might get pregnant so let's pay her less in advance/not promote her".
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