Customer: why 1 router cost so much? I can buy 3 normal routers with that.

Me: this has security features and functions that 3 of those routers put together combined could not do. Then you will still need to buy firewall for security. Why have more devices and have more possible points of failure when u can have 1?

Customer *keeps quiet*

Me: numbers is not important. Having 5 normal parachutes during skydiving doesnt guarantee u better safety than 1 good reliable parachute.

My company earned $700 profit for that sale today. 😂

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    I bet "you have one at home" too 😁
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    @cmall1234 yup i have only 1 parachute at home. 😂
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    Normal parachutes keep you safe 😂 glad you made the sale , but also glad it wasn't a programmer on the other end (although then this argument would never have happened) that would have turned the tables back on you with that one.
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    math says 5 parachutes is more better than 1, but good job
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    @MaxDeepfield not if they tie with each other
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