Showed this error to my other half and was told "sounds like a regular Saturday night then"

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    I'm suspicious about it being only 1 but the rest checks out.

    I can't count how many times I've chosen to not taken up the other side of an argument to avoid it, even though that's my position on it. Neutral is the best position. People on a night out will take anything so agree without actually saying anything that means you're agreeing.

    Ps: I've been out for 2 hours after a big rugby game and had 2 arguments
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    Something about advantages of being single.

    Not sure what they are tho 🤔
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    You can be a lot more gross.

    Masturbate on the couch, fart and burp, take less showers, let food fall on your t-shirt and slurp it off, wake up with a pizza box in your bed, affectionately give the rat in your house a name, grow little mold-gardens on moist stale bread in the kitchen, eat snot out of your own nose, scratch your anus and smell your finger, re-use underpants which have "aired out" on the floor, etc.

    Advantages, which also ensure that your stay single.
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    @atheist add here that as a single, IT person has always plenty of money to support himself for a long time,

    It is much cheaper to be not having children, plus second half which has usually much less salary than you.

    big career opportunities since he can relocate almost anywhere all the time. No need to have home, living in renting forever is fine

    Always free time to learn new stuff during weekends, nights, evenings. Not need to spend time on anyone else but your own career and skill improvement
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    @darkwind women make a lot of money with IT too
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    @darkwind @gosubinit

    I think regardless of gender-related wage differences, living together is always cheaper though. Even when it's not with a lover, could just be a friend.

    Mortgage/rent will be lower when divided, groceries and subscriptions for families are also cheaper, and (at least here) some taxes are also cheaper when co-living.

    And kids... that's a choice. I have a daughter, and I can imagine that at minimum wage the added cost is tough, but I feel like a lot of people still overestimate the cost. Or they feel like they must over-spend on giant piles of plastic crap toys and forced activities for their kids.

    At any rate, most modern countries focus on 2-4 person families with about 1.5-2.0 FTEs in employment when making laws and taxation rules, so even if you're single, it often makes financial sense to live together with someone.
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    Yeah my comment was just to mess with the common use of he/him/himself to refer to IT professionals
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    @dootlurk yep. It was Scotland vs France and somehow both arguments were with people who were are the game
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    @gosubinit btw, I was speaking for both genders. I assume that person without certain gender can be referred as he. Because making the person as the person is mouthy long way to say, and making any person as `it` is not really good too. And why `he` is default?... Well, in general in my cycles I encounter men more often, and it has better chance for the guess to be true. Plus I heard somewhere it is common to do so.
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    @darkwind use "they/them" (yes, in the singular) for these cases. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    Ask to a friend of yours what she thinks of using he/him as a generic pronoum.
    <- read again 😉
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