IntelliCode is super cool.

On the other hand, in the future….

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    Coding is 90% understanding the problem and 10% writing the actual code. So they'll steal us 10% of our job. Which is, let me say, the most fun part
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    110% agree to @crisz (and GIFs suck btw)
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    it creeps me out a bit, but then again I think that it actually applies relatively stupid rules for its predictions. it would steal my job if i was a brainless code monkey.
    which i am not, mostly ^^'
    but I agree, it steals all the fun xD
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    There's something similar in IntelliJ. Very impressive, but it's only mildly productivity enhancing. I'd need to know what I was going to use anyway, and be able to start typing it. Which I am, natch.
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    The problem with automating coding is that you have to automate understanding the problem formulated in a human language first - because otherwise the automaton would just be a compiler for yet another programming language.
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