I really like Docker. I think that’s the best thing that happened in the dev field for years. Easy shipping and installation of software without messing up dependencies to other software.

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    Except that they fucked up licensing, platform support and further development, yes.
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    Is Kuber a better Docker? Clueless on these machine packaging techs.
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    @IntrusionCM I don’t understand what you mean with licensing and further development.
    Both things lies on the dev side.
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    @preezer docker desktop on windows is licensed.


    Plus that the Windows version was preconfigured with Buildkit and experimental features since v19.X I think. Whole lot of funny breakage thx to these stupid mofos...

    Further development is bit more complicated...

    In a nutshell, docker compose exists in V2 as a separate package:


    Which breaks things. Which could be good if they did it ... Right?

    But it isn't right. Docker compose v2 is integrated into Mac / OS docker packages, which brings me back to point 1.

    They integrated a wrapper / shim to translate from v1 to v2 .

    Which gave us some more funny headaches at some places, as the underlying tech stack is entirely different - Python vs Go.

    Meaning that handling of TLS and everything else is entirely different...

    Last but not least, look at the changelog / release notes.

    Docker V2 had in the last versions many broken shit. Like really broken broken broken broken shit.

    It was an pre RC labeled as general availability with a shim for v1 to be with halfbaked stuff all over and piles of poo put in between.

    I'm still not happy with the quality, but we found enough workarounds for it to not explode in our faces anymore.
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    @IntrusionCM Wow oke, than I had luck ^^ I don't use windows :X and didn't experience any of the issues. To be fair I only use it since 2019
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    @Demolishun TBH I didn't used k8s because I was satisfied with docker. I think it's better if you want to create a cluster with different machines and containers. Thats possible with docker too -> docker swarm, but as I heard at this specific scenario is k8s way better
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    Not entirely true.

    Docker swarm is K8S in small.

    K8S is Docker swarm plus "Self Healing" and other features.

    Docker swarm hence is an entry point in into K8S - start small, become big.
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    @IntrusionCM Just use WSL lmao, Docker for Windows is a GUI over essentially the exact same virtualization techniques that you can get with open-source Docker in Microsoft-supported WSL.
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    I love docker but the fact that BuildKit's features weren't included from the get go and Docker can't be told to follow symlinks is incredibly stupid. With pre-buildkit docker a file belonged to exactly one container, and containers were always meant to be units of execution, a bit like processes. I have yet to see a project where every file belongs to exactly one process.
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    Docker is one of my pet hates. Along with anything else that adds a bucketload of complexity for no obvious gain.
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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

    But maybe as an explanation... We don't have "one developer"… and not just "one docker server".

    I guess that's true for any larger company.

    And unless you really want to babysit the devs and explain them every click cause ... They're to dumb to shit.... You'll have to expect a certain variance of versions, clients etc.

    Which is usually fine cause most programs don't shit on interoperability (regressions aside).

    That's the point - docker broke interoperability.

    What hurts especially is that our scenario is really pretty common if you have old docker deployments, which cannot be migrated without huge effort.

    So think more 50 plus devs which all are opinionated and biased and roughly 20 ... 30 ? I think docker hosts for deployment.

    Deployments. Don't know a number. Many. XD
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    the concept of virtual workspace is really neat, but Docker makes me kinda worried. They look like that kind of business that get people dependent on their product and then put a pay wall later on
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    @darksideofyay take a look at podman.

    It has docker compose support and is a possible replacement.
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    @darksideofyay The containers themselves comply to a standard called OCI. You just have to be careful not to depend excessively on nonstandard features.
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    @IntrusionCM I agree with your other problems, I specifically replied to the licensing comment.
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