Microsoft Windows can burn.

I have this feature where I configure a remote API via some endpoints and the API pushes data back to some webhooks in my API.

Yesterday I set everything up for the final test; fired up my own API with some test data, added some configuration and started trace logging to ensure that everything works as expected when the remote site tries to send me data.

I was ready to collect ! Enter this morning: Windows have forcibly rebooted to install an update and shut everything down.

inb4 install Linux; No, I can not. Windows is company policy and I am required to use shit that is only designed for Windows.

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    Due to company policy my restart options are "NOW!!1", or "midnight".

    If I ignore that, as I tried to yesterday it seems like midnight is the default option.

    So basically, if I am working on some long-running tasks that needs things to be open for consistency and there is an update ready, I am fucked.
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    You know that message "This app is preventing you from restarting"? Is it possible to implement this for what you're doing somehow?
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    You do understand that your company policy is the problem, and not the OS?
    also: How the fuck are you not an admin on your machine?
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    Well, actually, it already burned - you are using the result.
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    @WildOrangutan you mean leaving an unsaved notepad open? 🤔
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    Company policy is company policy. I respect that they don't trust every user to keep their workstation updated and have to enforce some policy.

    With almost every other Linux distro you can separate between feature patches and security patches. Enforcing a no-choice policy on the latter would not bother me tbh since most of those updates do not require a reboot. With Windows that is not a choice unless they should choose to manually select what packages to enforce or not.

    I am administrator on my own machine, but domain policies rule over local policies.
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