!rant, but whatever... At least it brightened my day.

So, I was walking to my school, when I saw a visibly "tired" guy (you know, a lot must've happened yesterday evening / night) walking on the other side of the road in the opposite direction. He crossed the street with the wobble of uncalibrated drone and at that point I knew what is going to happen. Or so I thought.

So we're walking towards each other. At one point he looks at me.
Me: *thinking* "Yep, he saw me. I'm going to be asked for money, am I not? Ugh, I have to think about excuse. Again..."
He: "dude..."
Me: *thinking* "Mmkey, here we go again"
He: "dude, don't do drugs... 'cuz they're bad"
And he walks away.

So, I guess today's lesson is you'll never know when you're going to get friendly advice from random people.

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    Also, sorry for any grammatical mistakes. I'm still learning.
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    There are second to no errors in that rant though. Great story!
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    Haha I the old hangover advice , classic
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    Great story! Welcome to DevRant! You shouldn't excise your English. It seems practically flawless to me (but hey I'm Swedish). I've seen some very hard to read texts here, and I've never seen anyone giving anyone a hard time about it!
    We're friendly here 😀
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