Does anyone actually regularly reply to recruiter messages if they aren’t looking for a job? Seen a few posts where people get frustrated with them.

I haven’t been on LinkedIn for ages so I don’t know what I’ve got there but I still get random emails every week about various jobs. I just figure they’re part of a mass email and ignore them.
I’ve never had a recruiter refuse to put an application forward for a job because I didn’t reply in the past.

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    I only get bothered if they send the followup mail. If i didn’t reply, get the hint bro.
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    If they don't send 2-3 messages over 2 days, I usually let them know...
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    @aviophile what bugs me the most is that they always ask for a phone number...

    You already send a chat message and a mail...
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    @Grumm yeah filling the quota.
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