Client: I love the site and will sign your contract today. I'll even give you a bonus since you got it done early. Can you put it up there this evening?

Me: I'm so glad that you liked it. I'll bring a condom with me all filled out and ready to go so we can push it up there.

Me: Contract. Damned phone

Client: please leave the condom at home

What's your worst autocorrect with a client?

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    Client: I have sent all the images for our website, please do upload them.
    Me: Awesome, I' ll do that. Sex //Set
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    Thank god nothing yet.... Yet...
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    condom all filled up

    fkn hell that's a bad autocorrect
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    Push it up gently
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    "Suca" instead of "Scusa".
    That means "Blow me" instead of "I'm sorry" in Italian. The resulting sentence made sense either ways, unfortunately.

    The worst part of my story is that I didn't even realize it at first 🤕 I only met the (upset) customer a few days later.
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    @UgoRaffaele what was the sentence?
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    Scusa mi I guess.

    Instead of suca mi

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    Why did you get a contract signed AFTER you finished the site?
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    @sheriffderek there are freelancers that work on proof of concept
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    @Jellyg00se So, was it on spec? Or do you get an hourly for that? If it's on spec - you should read both of Mike Montiero's books.
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    @sheffirderek I'm so confused about what you're saying, but ill elaborate my thoughts. If you are a fellow developer that needs proof of concept before the client invests money's into it then fair play. However you're absolutely right, never (try not to do work before being signed off. on spec.......
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    It's more That I knew this person, and it was quick one day job. It's not how I do things normally.
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    Client wants to do it without a condom...
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    "leave the condom at home" could mean two things​ 😂
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