So I recently started a new position as a Node JS dev, and on my first day I've been assigned to the DevOps team... The offer and the interview had me believe I was going to be actually writing code not config and yaml files

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    Bail outif its notgonna help you land a betterjob
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    If a company has a devops team they don't understand devops.
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    @ItsNotMyFault how so? My company has a Devops
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    @iSwimInTheC The point of devops is to eliminate dependencies between teams, if you have a dedicated team doing "devops" all teams become dependent on it which is a retard mistake lots of companies do. Having a small team responsible for coordinating things in a large org might be good, but if your "devops" team is handling deployments, monitoring, etc for the other teams then you're doing it wrong. (If you do devops correctly you should have all competence needed to plan, design, build, test, deploy and maintain a product in the same team)
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    @ItsNotMyFault agree, it's stupid
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