tl;dr; quit my job last monday. going to grow my side hustle into full time freelancing.
I am so exited.

Story time:
I am working full time as a jack of all trades and also have a side business where I coach people on an ERP for doors/fenestration and also write custom software in c#.
I was able to manage both over ~4 years, with customer amount slowly growing (only doing B2B).

Last month I opened an account at a freelancer website just for the lulz and damn after a short amount of time the orders exploded. I had to shut it down again because I cannot manage the amount of work. But did manage to win a fair amount of customers that will keep me busy for the next year or two.

Spoke to my employer and told them about the situation (they know about my side business and it's all mentioned in the contracts). Said that I would need half the amount of hours with my business to reach the same amount of money and that working as an employee makes no sense for me in terms of money. I would however like to work 1 to 2 days in a week for them because working there is fun, even when its financially uninteresting.

they took one week to prepare a position and then invited me to a meeting. "we offer you 32 hours a week. if you want more, you have to make a descision. As a self employed person you have risk and we as an employer do not want to carry that risk for you and we do not want to finance your self employment" (etc.)

Thought I am in the wrong movie. I took that into the weekend and thought a lot about what has been said.

And last monday I invited to a follow up and told them

"sorry, I think I was not clear enough. Working for you is of no interest in terms of money. You do not finance me, it's the other way around. Sadly we do not come to an agreement, as 8 hours less does not fit the need. You said I need to make a descision. I do not want to do this but I'm quitting".

They responded with "Oh that is sad to hear. Is there anything that we can make so you do not leave?"

"Either pay me the same I would make as a self employed or follow my conditions"
Did not get a response on that.

I now have three months to prepare myself for self employment.
Currently working 40h + growing side business + getting the whole german bureaucracy shit together.

Tough time but hell this feels so damn good.

Just wanted to share this :)

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    Me interested in
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    Well, i guess in Germany the risks aren't as huge as in countries featuring a less advanced social system.
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    @Oktokolo if you go self employed you're mostly excluded of that system (if you wish so). you have to have health insurance.

    But yeah, the consequences are fairly low.

    if shit hits the fan and my savings melt i will just go back to being an employee. I have built up a lot of contacts over the past years that would likely hire me.

    If i somehow fuck it up completely and make an extreme amount of debt I can just raise my finger and say "oopsie". Consequence would be insolvency. And after 7 years my debt is just magically gone.
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    Definitely the superior system. Humans have a pretty limited life span and it is sad that most can't risk anything because of possibly dire consequences.
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    First of all congrats and good decision!

    Heard a similar story from a friend, he wanted to give the company some extra time to find a replacement in trade of a government benefit. They said nope thinking that he would be in a financial vice. However he just gave the prepared resignation letter (and yes he has so many contacts that he is already working near full time). That shocked them stupid.
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