I have a random question:

What values do you guys live with?

And how can I make sure I live my life with highest possible values?

The squad here is most raw and honest. I have seen you folks stick to what you believe in and stand up against the evil even if costs you or makes you sacrifice somethings.

Really want to be a better human and seems like my next phase of life would be dedicated to this.

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    1) know when to be an asshole and when to not
    2) help those who help themselves
    3) don't put up with anyone's shit, especially your own
    4) always have an exit strategy
    5) identify what is most important to you and never lose sight of it(that is until it's no longer important)
    6) you don't need to be right, you only want to prove how right you are
    7) don't ever think you got somewhere alone
    8) you don't owe anyone anything

    To summarize; be strong, be humble, be fierce, be you.
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    Information must be free (entertainment does not apply here though).
    Golden rule is great also.
    Fuck central authority.
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    @sariel really really good points. Thank you and that summary is fantastic.

    @HitWRight hah! Yes, these are important too.

    I have two other similar rules to share
    1. Never go against mother nature
    2. Never believe what government and media tells me
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    Do you even need to live "with the highest values"?
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    @iiii yes. I have one life and I want to make the best of it.
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    -- In Life --

    1. Always look out for yourself first, no one else will

    2. Family is a priority in all cases except for #1

    3. Speech should be free, no exceptions

    4. Help yourself before you start helping others. (the air mask in an airplane concept)

    5. Pick your friends carefully

    6. Just in general, don't be an asshole to people.

    -- In Profession --

    1. Work smart, not hard, and don't tell anyone that you do.

    2. Take a break when needed. It's not worth it to burnout or to spend 6 hours of your day stuck on a problem you will solve tomorrow in 15 minutes.

    3. Always be a team player in front of the customer and management.

    This is roughly sorted in the order I value these though there's a bit of fuzz around it.
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    @theKarlisK I love naan, not NaN though :P

    @Hazarth great points. Thanks for sharing those. Getting more clarity each day.
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    My values are pretty straightforward.

    I just choose stuff which is best in the term of an ideal programmer.
    I chose stuff that helps my career.
    I try to rich level of... wellness to live in first world country

    I reject anything else.

    I dedicate to work hard during work hours.
    I dedicate all time I can spare to learning new stuff
    I seek ways to improve my environment for the goals above.

    I seek ways to start earning efficient amount of money to provide future for myself and possible family

    Helping others is acceptable if it is within less than 10% of cost to me
    Helping others is acceptable with higher cost, if the benefit I get in hard or soft skills, or mental health is justified

    It is not allowed for me to have family-children-girlfriend / alcohol / or sex right now, because it harms my main goals.
    Because it restricts my career/self studies/relocating options
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    Any waste of time needs to be justified being useful in some way
    Preferably helping the main goals to rich Senior ranked job in worldwide company or relocating to desired country
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    @darkwind which country are you relocating from and to?
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    @Floydimus from Russia to anywhere else.
    Highly likely Montenegro is going to be my next place
    Ideally I wish to reach Canada or any other English speaking as main language first world country

    Depending on which first world country i think I would learn some other local language too perhaps. But Canada is ideal dream for my next years
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    @darkwind hmm fair enough. Have you explored US as an option?
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    @Floydimus sure. But I see this option as long term goal to achieve. It requires at least few more years of work experience to get there. Preferably being already in Canada, in order to have easier time zone difference. US immigration laws in general aren't really welcoming. In the current situation they are totally not welcoming.

    Basically I will look into this option not earlier than when I would be ready for a new job to seek at least few years later. If I will get a job there, all right then.
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    @darkwind all the best bro. Hope you make it there sooner.
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    My personal belief and value system is pretty eloquently summed up by this video on optimistic nihilism:

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    @KaosKermit I have started to admire and implement Nihilism.
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    Live long enough to see Facebook die.
    That's it
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    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

    One small bible verse, but I think - like many other (non-religious) bible verses it is quite on point.

    It is hard to follow this sentence as a morale compass, but in my opinion it's one of the best advices given.

    The longer you think about it, the more you realize the depth this one sentence has.
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    karma is a bitch so avoid people, stay calm, don’t care what others think, live your life, sleep and rest as much as you can, workout and keep weight after 35 if you don’t want to get heart attack before you hit 40, avoid sugar after 30, before making any life breaking decision go to sleep and see if it still matters after you woke up, if they won’t make advanced robots or figure out gravity try to die before you hit 70

    time changes but history repeats itself so save money for couple of years and spend everything at once the day when everyone says that world will collapse - 2019/2020 was last time so wait until ~2030 something, start saving money around 2025-27, read books, learn stuff, invest in yourself, know your strength and weakness, take care on yourself first and then after others, always look for solutions not for problems, don’t ask same question twice, don’t look back, say no, don’t trust anything you see, hear and think about, stay focused, make long term plans and don’t be scared to fail
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    @searchy2 Lol I so wish that happened.

    @IntrusionCM that's a nice one. What do you think of a similar one, "For dust you are and unto dust you shall return"?

    I really was following the above until few days.

    @Vane wise words as always, super helpful. Thanks bro :)
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