As if I took a break, and I am not working.
Now I work on the weekdays, work on the weekends.. and I am not allowed to give myself a week’s holiday.
What’s going on!?

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    You have gone crazy

    Stop working
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    @Frederick I’m my own boss at the moment.
    I’ll go to my management. I’m going on strike!
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    @Ceren No need to go on strike unless you have shit management. Tell them you're about to burn out and need reasonable working hours. If not I'm sure you have the leverage to negotiate or quit.
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    It was actually an ironic, sarcastic, hypothetical rant. Probably it was a bit vague.
    I am not working for a company at the moment. I took a break.
    Although I am on a break, I find myself working more than I used to work for a company.
    I want to do x, look at y, learn z and my days and weekends are all rambled. I’d prefer working for a company really.
    I realised if my boss made me work like this I would be very pissed off.
    As I am managing myself myself, as y’all say it’s time to change my management style.
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