I know I'm out of the loop since I barely use these sites, but...

What is it with this seemingly ridiculous new trend on LinkedIn of replacing your meaningless job title with, somehow, an even more meaningless fake description of what you're doing? I'm seeing it all over.

Back in the day it'd just be "Python developer". Then the trend seemed to be a "Senior / lead / principle software engineer / Python specialist" (who cares if you're actually a senior eh, this is LinkedIn.) And if that wasn't ridiculous enough, now it's "Helping to transform the globe towards a greener future by implementing beautiful, robust code in Python 3.10" or similar. Who the hell wants to see this crap?!

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    Yeah the full on explanation is just wierd, I can understand trying to specify buzzwords in the title but having fully worded descriptions is meaningless
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    No "Father, Husband, Son, he/him/this/that" or is it only for Twitter?
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    Nah. This shit is all over the corporate facade now.
    It's a nice bullet warning though.
    Just never contact such people.
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    The best is when you have first hand experience working with someone and you know it’s all fluff. Nope, you’re not a cloud enabling engineer - you sent emails.
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    LinkedIn is all self masturbatory.
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