wtf is up with node-sass? Basically every project I've ever worked on breaks because it can't build with node-gyp anymore or whatever

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    Deprecated a long time ago.
    Use just sass
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    It's useless, it breaks, it gets confused about what OS you are using, and everyone stopped using it 🤭
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    PTSD incoming
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    Apple M1?
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    @darkwind it IS deprecated, but amazing platforms like creat-react-app and vue still use it... so basically they become dependent on a specific node version... these days v14 vs v16
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    @fullstackchris I just fixed an old repo by simply installing dart-sass or 'sass' on npm, and it literally just replaces node-sass without having to configure anything, luckily Vue and etc use node-sass via command line sass command so you can just replace the sass implementation
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