Why is it that when people are anal about linting they don't like the default/mainstream conventions?

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    Individuality. Who else is indenting 3 spaces?
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    "only my opinion matters, compromise is suicide".
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    well isn't that what linting is about? what's the point of linting if you're not gonna standardize
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    Never really understood that. I understand why we have coding standards, but do we have to argue about it to the smallest degree?

    users.map(user => user.id) is bad, user

    users.map((user) => user.id) instead.

    Hey, in this project we don't use double quotes. Use single quotes. Except when you use string interpolation, then back ticks are obviously okay. And by the way, if you want to use a single quote in your string, then you can use double quotes to avoid escaping.

    Doesn't matter where it was, every single piece of coding standard I ever saw started good and went overboard fast.

    But at least it's not as bad as such code quality analyzers. Those pieces of garbage.

    I had this code


    Code quality analyzer was like: Bro, just calling get on an option is unsafe. I give you a low rating and my manager promised the customer a high rating. So I had to call _.getOrElse(null) knowing the orElse will never happen.
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    Some people use a linter to partially compensate for not having an actual type system. Others are using it to conform to some arbitrary standard. Different reasons lead to different choice of rules.

    Almost all standard linter rule sets contain some absurd naming rules that hurt your code quality if followed. So normally you can't just use the default set. You have to change it, because Microsoft thinks, that methods have to start with a capital letter or the inventor of Python really dislikes camel case. And then there are the C lovers who insist on a new line before opening a brace...
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    Don't care which convention is chosen (tabs, spaces, style rules) but care about one being chosen, mainly to avoid git diff clutter.

    gitk (standard git branch viewer) shows tabs as like 10 spaces, so hard to read when mixed with spaces. But a surprising amt of devs I met never do git diffs or don't give a shit.

    Dislike opinionated rules like "prefer object destructuring over Object.assign"
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    They do. Devoid of own thought, they've become guideline repetition machines. Guidelines, or so they believe, have been handed down to use mere mortals by beings of supreme intellect only to be found as mentions in computer science text books.

    Years of monotonous grinding has then trained their brains to easily recognise whatever style they are preaching and honed their ability to misread every other piece of code until they stand tall and declare with vigor, sincerity, and rightful indignation that their preferred style is not only subjectively, but objectively, the only style the human brain has evolved to ever grasp its meaning.
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