If you are using a FREE software and you don’t like it
You have 3 options:
- Stop using it,
- create your own,
- or simply, SHUT THE FUCK UP

You get the right to complain about what I build IF AND ONLY IF you paid for it.

Hope this is clear!!!

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    People don't get this enough.
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    Bug reports & feature requests are a different thing. But them saying it sucks blah blah. Simply unacceptable.
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    4) patch it yourself.
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    There is indeed a difference between constructive criticism/suggestions, but yeah. If you're using my app and you say, "bro this app suckz 4 days Lel kek OP noscope etc", then fuck you.

    That's how I interpreted your rant.
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    I'd even go for FSF definition of "free". If you have the source, at least tell me where the hell it's broken/sucks, so I can fix, or as it was said before, patch it yourself.
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    @ragnarr023 this is exactly what I am saying!!
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    @Ashkin @alybadawy
    5) Or if it is really open, fix it und create a PR
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    Two sides of a coin.

    Had to deal with something else. Made an issue on GH, complete with filled in template given by them. "lmao if you need that fixed just get {paid proprietary software}. I'm not charity. Closed."
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    Well, asking for a feature politely or reporting a bug politely is totally different from saying it has all these drawbacks and mention a whole list of nonsense including "your application is web based so it's useless if the internet goes down"

    When da fuck was the last time the internet went down?!

    And my application is not open source. It's a website that offers a service for free. Period.
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    @alybadawy what if electricity goes down?
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    It's a FREE thing and some asshole will leave a review saying that the software is shit or doesn't work. Well bitch go and fuck yourself with your fucken computer. You fucken metal dick piece of shit.
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    Sorry guys for my comment above ^ got little carried away. This is such a emotional rant for me.
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    If I stumble upon a random free app, and read more than 2 feedbacks saying something along the lines of "doesn't work" or "it's shit..." then I guess this app is probably full of it. Zero constructive criticism is necessary at this stage. I just need to know if the app works or does what it says it does. False marketing comes easy these days, so I would actually appreciate the person who let out some steam shedding light to the issue at hand
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    @KeyWeeUsr never happens either
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    Except if you're using WinRAR
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    @Faraaz lolol
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    4.b pull request
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    I have seen a lot of devs build applications on their own assumptions.
    Its ok to start that way
    But reviews and user suggestions can help you improve the apps and add features you wouldn't have thought of.
    Writing a code and building a product are two different things

    All being said, useless comments and abuses are really pissing :/
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    @Ashkin exactly! Number 4 should be number 1 actually
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    @KeyWeeUsr patch it your self and send it upstream
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    Yep, crystal clear!
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