My son has started learning javascript at school, but he is complaining that all the $ signs are ugly! Yep, they're teaching the kids with jquery.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry 😱😱😱

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    Honestly, just to start learning to code, it's a useful framework. He just has to learn at some point that jQuery is not meant to be used in prod...
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    Back in my school days in late 90s they were teaching us DOS and BASIC, which were extinct even by that time. But that has helped me learn structural thinking and basic data structure, then learning serious programming later was familiar, and here I am, professional programmer for 20 years .
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    @xyn22 Do I detect a fellow Turbo C++ user? I wrote thousands of lines of code with that back then.
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    It actually exists as a language and is the solution to that heinous dollar usage
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    If they aren't even starting with Assembly does it even count as programming?!
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    @kwilliams: Yes - if they start with lambda calculus.
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    At least its not PHP 🥴
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