I noticed something...

I drink a lot of coffee. I also drink tea. But usually when I want something sweet. So, lots of sweetener.

Sometimes I go and make me a cup of coffee and a cup of tea at the same time. And then, then it happens.

When I want to sip from my cup of tea and I reach for my tea, everything is fine. Same goes when I want a sip of coffee.

But woe me when I want a sip of tea and accidentally take a sip of coffee. You see, it's not the rapid switching between coffee and tea, it's the expectation of taking a sip of sweet tea and getting bitter black coffee. Suddenly coffee is the most disgusting thing I've ever drunken.

But give me half a minute and then I drink a sip of coffee on purpose and I like it again.

Yet, while I don't expect coffee, I feel like a ten year old who stole a sip of coffee from his parents' mug.

So I surmise, my frontal lobe has detected coffee as something good and must override the fact that I don't like the taste or something like that. But to do so it must anticipate coffee. Anyone willing to experiment with that to figure out if that's normal or if I am just weird?

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    I'm so trying this. Expect a report. Given that I actually remember it, that is.
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    Possibly my favorite random rant in recent times. Take my upvote.
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    No, it's normal af. We do have the same feeling when we bite into something soft and feel a crunch too.

    And no one expects the spanish exqusition either.
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    My question to you is, why will you prepare for yourself a cup of tea and a cup of coffee at the same time?
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    @BugsBuggy decision fatigue? Or I just want both of them? It's just a thing a sometimes do.

    I don't think there is any satisfying answer besides I wanted a cup of coffee roughly at the same time I wanted a cup of tea.
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    Never did that but one time I’ve managed to make coffee and tea in the same cup somehow. It was disgusting.
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    @Lensflare Once I accidentally made a Nesquik cocoa drink and coffee in the same cup. I loved it!

    That day I discovered I really like Mocha :)
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    @netikras not the same thing, one is sweet one is bitter. Two bitters like sour cream and onion, is often too weird to people to like.

    There are ppl who like sour cream and onion (like me!) but still, a minority.
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    @melezorus34 sour cream and onion? r u crazy??? Add some sliced fresh tomatoes and gound pepper and have the best salad in the world!

    P.S. be generous with sour cream. And onions :)

    P.P.S. I really didn't get what you meant by sweet/bitter/one/another/like/dislike. I'm only replying to the sour cream+onion part :)
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    @netikras read the second part 😅
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    Who the fuck doesn’t love sour cream & onion? Are we really a minority? That would be disturbing.
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    @Lensflare ok fine, I used some small sampled data (my friend group lol)

    If any dedicated ppl wants to gather proper data, I'd be happy to use it lol
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    @Lensflare @melezorus34 I know it is not for some people but it's not weird or it would not be one of the staple crisps flavours.
    There is even an American classic based on these flavours: French dip https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    For the unofficial pole... I like sour cream and onion. Never thought that's weird. But I'd go salt and vinegar every day when I have a choice.
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    New research article headline or whatever you wanna verbose call it: How to get a developer partner in 3 steps

    And then here are the steps
    1. Meet them
    2. Gift them Sour Cream & Onion Pringles
    3. Profit! (Fix your printer or something, I'm not a programmer)
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    @TheCommoner282 I never understood you, the vinegar-heads. Vinegar Pringles was the most disgusting snack I have ever tried. Must be the first time I threw chips away in my life...
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    Oh, I love salt & vinegar Pringles.

    But they are one of the strongest kinds. Most crisps are not that strong.

    I got the feeling that they reduced it a lot in recent years, but it's still stronger than most competitors I tried.

    It's just like eating something spicy, you don't start with a million scoville.
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    1. yes, it's normal.
    2. it's not about "the fact that it's coffee overriding that you don't like the taste", it's literally what you said: when expectation/intention doesn't match the perception.

    it's also the fact that exerything is contextual: when egg tastes like an egg, that's normal. when an apple tastes like an egg, there's most likely something very wrong with the apple, so you recoil.

    also, the "i feel like having X" is literally based on your body messaging your brain what chemicals it currently requires to maintain proper and efficient functioning (roughly speaking).

    so the same reaction, but much weaker, happens (to me) even when i go to have whatever i wanted, but before that, i have a bit of something else for some reason. i can literally feel my body to switch gears to deal with the something else, as it was totally ready for whatever i wanted, but now i put something different into it.

    all parts of the same effect.
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