Documentation is like sex:
When it's good, it's very good.
When it's bad, it's better than nothing...

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    Nope. Documentation is code interpreted by humans. It can contain bugs and can cause the introduction of bugs in newly written or refactored code and even business processes depending on the target group of that documentation.

    Documentation has to be properly maintained every time the code is maintained - else it will lead to the introduction of new bugs. Also, inert documentation not having any other effect would still consume some of the valuable time of its reader.

    Documentation has to be treated like code which influences the generation of new code - because that actually is its purpose.
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    Let me correct it:
    When it’s good, it’s better than nothing.
    When it’s bad, it’s worse than nothing.
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    I wish there was more good documentation
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    worst thing documentation and sex have in common: you need to talk to people to get it
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