The Dead Internet theory is probably true

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    What's that?
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    @PonySlaystation It’s the idea that the internet is mostly just a bunch of bots regurgitating and generating content based on trends and we’ve been just talking to bots this entire time.
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    @Burgundxyz Hmmm... but what if you are a bot? Or maybe we both are?
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    Taking public transport with hundreds of other drones to get into shitty office to burn life time in front of a computer just to get home with other ten thousand of the same dudes with ear pods makes me wonder if reality is also mainly inhabited by bots.
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    @horus hmm, maybe the bots are the actual humans and we are just their bots
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    @Burgundxyz No chance. Human error is too prevelant, and not enough bot errors
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    @electrineer sounds absolutely plausible. Convinced.
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    @electrineer yooo i actually thought about this deeply.

    i don't know about "us" "devs". but i see what non-dev people don't, they really...

    nvm i'm just too tired to type
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