TDD has not been proven in studies to provide substantial reduction in cyclomatic complexity or other metrics of software development.

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    Cyclomatic complexity is a lie.

    Prove me wrong.
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    The product value we added wasn't the tests we created, but the bugs we created along the way!
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    Alternatives to TDD:
    Acceptance Test-driven development (ATDD),
    Domain-driven development (DDD)
    Behavior-driven development (BDD),
    Example-driven development (EDD) and story test-driven development (SDD).

    Edit: Event driven development...

    So pick your poison.
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    Just make it work-development
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    You forgot RBD - the most common one.

    Random bullshit development
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    TDD is actually quite hard to do right - definitely not for the faint of heart... or juniors.

    Sadly, my creative workflow just dosn't fit writing unit tests before functional code in most cases (algorithms being the exception)...
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    Read this


    If that doesnt change your mind, I guess nothing will
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    @KDSBest BDD is a form of TDD
    Change my mind
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    @sariel that...is deep as fuck
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    Is it that TDD has not been proven blah blah something, or is it that TDD has been studied and the studies found it doesn't reduce blah complexity blah metrics.

    The two are very different things.

    Also sauce?
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    TDD is not just about code complexity. It forces you to think about the problem abstractly first and think about "what if's" of the task and create tests for that, and then that serves to navigate you through the actual implementation, because there's no way you're going to forget "that one edge case" if you already though about it and covered it just to be sure, instead of just covering what you already know works after implementation is done

    TDD leads to much more precise planning process and less buggy implementations as long as it's done right.

    that being said, I don't find TDD natural to do or think about and I rarely do it. But when I do use it, it's a pretty good tool
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    DDD is about modeling your business processes in an OOP-style + ideas on how to organize/scope a business domain (this is where Microservices originated)

    TDD is a method to write testable code.
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    Well, I find myself doing just-in-time TDD by revising the flow of implementation up to 10 times. But I realize that it's not enough for speed and solidity.
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    @SuspiciousBug I and wikipedia don't agree, but could be a language barrier thing. Because english is my second language.
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    I like TDD.. although I do more of a development driven testing nowadays 😅
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