now... Im just tired and bored of what i do. i had a very hectic year rewriting a core functionality in my company, it was full of optimizations, logic improvements and learning new things.

I took 10 days off hoping id come hating my job less. I learned kotlin and worked on a personal server side project with it during the vacation and honestly i loved it. I missed learning new languages and concepts.

so i thought, well if i enjoyed coding during the vacation then my burnout is cured right ? well once i went back to work today I felt like shit and couldn't do a thing. disgusted of the idea coding for my employer. Too tired to continue my personal project after 8 hours of my job

I guess im back to square one

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    @lambda123 or maybe having ur own personal projects that you have complete control over and can work on at ur own pace is fun.

    while working on someone elses requirements is just always gonna feel like a draining shitty waste of time
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    @lambda123 I'm the opposite - I like all of the architectural/engineering/planning stuff, but then I can't physically output code fast enough to avoid becoming bored with actually implementing all of that actual stuff

    I mean I do enjoy the programming part, just not for the entire duration of the project haha
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