Why do people even need anything more than 100Mbps at home?
Are you guys running data centers at home?

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    Because I want to update that 20Gb game update in 30 seconds and be able to play a but after work.
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    @lambda123 Them sweet granny pixels.
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    I am actually sorta running a datacenter at home, yes
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    Yes I do. And I generate a lot of game server traffic that needs to go in AND out quickly.
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    because i'm a tech nerd, which means i like fast internet.

    also: more downstream usually means more upstream. and i stream stuff to my mobile devices from home.
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    Why not?
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    These VR adult experiences aint gonna lag in my home.
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    Well. if you live alone, and don't do anything in your home network - then sure.
    But if you have 3 kids + wife and each watches streaming movies all the time - the 1gb network is a must!
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    Why does anyone need more than 400Mhz of compute?
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    Multi-channel porn streaming!
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    Sorry, but are you retarded?

    We're taking about megabit / second...

    100 Megabit/s / 8 bit/byte = 12,5 Megabyte / s

    Doesn't matter what you do, it's not enough.

    HD Streaming / Webpages / .....

    Nothing makes fun with such a small bandwidth.

    Even older USB sticks are faster than that....

    Gigabit is common for a reason - and the trend to 10 Gigabit/s is pretty visible.

    The "perverted" 2.5 Gigabit ethernet devices are just on example. Totally dumb (10 Gigabit / sec would be a smarter choice), but high end gaming market is pretty dumb anyways.
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    Of course... :D
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    @IntrusionCM you can watch 1080p YouTube videos with 10 Mbps because those are very compressed. Downloading bigger packages will suck at those speeds, but for normal use it's already fine.
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    @electrineer It's rare that one does one task at all... And there's usually a lot running in the background.

    Yes, from pure bandwidth if you only watch the movie, more than enough...

    I easily churn 1 GBps.

    Newsfeed Aggregator, Webbrowser, NAS Transfer for Backups, Music streaming in HiFi, VPN for work etc.
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    @homomorphicanus Because the game I am playing needs to generate terrain on the fly and handle massive amounts of voxel data to which to render from. I know, it was rhetorical.

    The big question is: Why does this games graphics look like its from the 90s? lol
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    @IntrusionCM More bandwidth doesn't make websites much faster because the issue is latency and slow-start. uBlock Origin however does.
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    @Fast-Nop Which is why I wrote plural form.... Pages.

    I should have worded it better, but as I explained to electrineer... It's near zero that I do one task and only one task.


    And I don't think that I'm the only one...
    Working sequentially one task after another is a rarity I think.
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    @IntrusionCM I do have several tabs open, especially when I search for something, and no speed issues with 100 Mbit. It's not even faster than the previous 50 Mbit I had, but the upgrade was just 5 EUR per month, so why not.

    There are only two things that actually profit from more bandwidth: massive game downloads or parallel 4k streaming with several different users.
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    @Fast-Nop I think we're talking about two entirely different things.

    I thought this was about network interface speed - not INet speed.

    (Reason why I mentioned 2.5 GBps / 10 GBps ethernet before).

    I have an 1 Gbit connection though.

    But has a lot to do with the fact that I'm working from home and VPN churns a lot of traffic given the variety of tasks I do.

    With only 100 Mbps downstream / INet a lot of things would be *meh*... Not bad… but boringly slow.

    But just to make it crystal clear.

    Till now I thought this was about Ethernet speed in general, *not* INet speed.

    Which is why I mentioned stuff like NAS before.
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    I mean...
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    I was wondering the same for a long time
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    @Grumm that's greed. Not necessity
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    @iiii So what is necessity ?

    A lot of people have a dishwasher, or are upset that it broke.

    I don't have that.

    I can imagine a lot of tools/utilities in your house are not really a necessity.

    If someone can afford internet, why can't he get some high-speed one ?
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    @Grumm dishwasher is arguably a necessity because it uses less water for washing than manual washing.
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    @Grumm regarding high speed internet. Bandwidth is not limitless. There's a global upper limit. Moreover, almost no server supports high speeds in the first place (except for Netflix and game console CDN). Even 100 megabit is larger tan 99% of sites will allow you to use for downloading from them.
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    3 kids streaming videos, IPTV churning a common show for them and me & hubby playing MMOs (World of Tanks or similar). + Ofc Spotify and Youtube on the side while gaming. Oh, and Discord. Running security cameras and solar panels send data too (well, these don't need a whole lot of bandwidth). At least our appliances are dumb...

    For upload speed, nah, not needed that much.
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    I sometimes wish faster internet but that's only occasional and for large downloads, it will be useless for daily use.
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    Why do people need more than 640KB?
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    I meant MBps only
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    @iiii correct.
    Currently I have a 100MBps plan (upgraded from 40MBps) and guess what, there's no difference in -
    Video streaming
    Video calls
    Voice calls
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    Just for context -
    I'm a gamer as well. But again, speed doesn't matter as much as latency does.
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    @IntrusionCM wait, did you explain the difference between bit and Byte and proceed to use the wrong one in your units starting from your next message?
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    @electrineer No clue.

    Brain goes brrr at the moment.

    Either brr or beeeeeeeeep flatline.

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