you know that feel when you're in one or two weeks of vacation and one day, you look into the mirror and you notice you look like 5 years younger and also you're able to actually enjoy things in life and try out new things, and you wonder, what am i doing with my life...

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    i don't remember when i had actual vacation. probably like... 14 years ago? basically last time i was on vacation with my family while still being considered a "child" (17 years old or so). since then i only had times when i don't work, but also don't have money to have actual vacation.

    so... i don't remember if i had that experience/i probably never had that experience.
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    @Midnight-shcode hmm, that sucks bro :/ if it helps, this is mostly "staying at home" vacation for me. has also been a while for me since i was last on "real" vacation, like visiting a foreign country or something... also never had the money for that on my own, and when i started, pandemic kicked in :D
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