Does someone know a site where i can get professional level help/guides/tutorials with system architecture questions? Like best practices for implementing common features? (Something like stackoverflow but where u actually get an answer instead of insults)

Googling for tutorials gives very basic/demo level results that might not be great for scale/security in prod env

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    Discord and slack.

    Look around for online professional dev and tech communities, and find some experts!
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    @lungdart and yet, you didn't provide examples 😞
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    https://developertoarchitect.com/ has some great resources. I often join the Software Architecture Monday, both Mark and Neal are very kind.

    I haven't seen any productive forums around but I've had help discussing with coworkers in freelancing communities.
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    @C0D4 the examples I have are for my local community. I don't think they'd apply.
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    @DarkSwan this is nice, thanks!

    I'm actually on my journey to software/solutions architect and have, so far, been bumping into the right stuff at the right time but I know I can't run on luck forever.
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