Can someone just please come over and safe me? I am soooooo done with all this bullshit code. I understand why people loathe PHP, it enables totally worthless people to carry the title 'programmer' because hurrrdurrr look at my website, I made this. Fuck yes, you made that and you should SHAME yourself! What the actual flying fuck I can't begin to explain the monstrosities that I find checking out this worthless pile of fucking garbage.

User passwords saved as plaintext in database? Check!

Using hungarian notation, camecase and snakecase inconsistently? Check!

Typejuggling like you're the mainman of the Insane Clown Posse? Check!

Everything is a mess, there is no documenation, no consistency no nothing, this is straight from the 9th circle of programmers hell.


The original dev prefixed every spagetthifile with his copyright shite so im gonna look him up and highfive him in the face with my laptop and after that printing out my resignation letter in comic sans fontsize 78 because FUCK YOU

So done.

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    It's the programmer's fault. Not the language. In php, you can use md5. Inconsistency in coding is also pthe programmer's fault. Php is getting better. Check php 7.
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    @rezadhah agreed, I am a PHP guy myself, but can't argue that this is PHP main weakness, it allows too much.
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    @rezadhah using md5 for passwords is just as bad as using plaintext.
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    @ItsNotMyFault I just wish it was md5-ed, thats better than nothing. The reason its not encrypted? Programming is already complex, we dont want to make it even more complex

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    @ItsNotMyFault well i just pointed it out that php has some hash library like md5, bcrypt, etc. It's our decision to choose, instead of plain text
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    I feel yah. Actually been working on a code rewriter to fix all the superficial crap (GitHub.com/wmhilton/beautifier). The PHP support is still alpha quality though.
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    Well read about PSR..
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