Manager: Can you stay late as fuck today? One of our bitchiest vendors is gonna update their piece of crap and I'm pretty damn sure shit is gonna hit the fan

Dev (inner voice): no fucking way, I have kids to watch and chores to do!
Dev (outer voice): can't we just check everything in the morning?

Manager: No fucking way! If there is some fucking "challenge" when our "people" try to log onto their shit, I'm gonna look like a chump!
Let's talk silvers, I will sign on that bloody commie bullshit for your hours tonight.

Dev (outer voice): Fine. Until how late?
Dev (inner voice): Wait, I was supposed to do it without getting overtime bonus?

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    Ha, overtime - what’s that? If companies had to pay us overtime, not a single one would be profitable. My buddies that work in government jobs like to push my buttons - oh, you have a at 10pm-5am implementation Friday night? You get paid extra for that right? I know there are far worse careers out there, but I never imagined this path would lead to so many nights, weekends, and holidays where I need to work.
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    @fiftyhz Seriously? How would paying a small percentage more to what is often a very small fraction of an organisation's workforce bring down more than just the most marginally profitable of firms?
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    "Manager: No fucking way! If there is some fucking "challenge" when our "people" try to log onto their shit, I'm gonna look like a chump!"

    - 100% its manipulative behavior, he was likely going to blame you to thge upper mangement anyway, but is just gulity tripping you into doing, i bet he will take 100% credit as well if everything got solved before the next day.

    Also that idiot clearly doesnt know what communisme is, which is quite ironic since he banefits from it. Forcing people into working for free and stealing all their salary and claiming all their credits just for being in a higher position is just one of the biggest commie move.

    Also now that he has seen that he can abuse you for his own personal gain, he will continue to do it, maybe even worst and often in the future.

    Fuck that piece of shit.
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    @ultrageoff Yeah, maybe I was being a bit dramatic…you’re right, it would barely impact their budgets in most cases.
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    @Frederick heh, he might try. This type of coke'd up fuck barely stays in an "nerd department". We do not do something "powerful" like machine engineering nor something "sexy" like analytics. I've outlived three of those fuckers in, like, two years.
    Besides, I had a bunch of tickets to close while earning triple for my hours. That and the fact that (althought he does not know it) I can sign on overtime hours myself. Nothing like a continent or two between corporate and local depts for some power delegation.

    Basically, coke'd up blokes are here for cronyism quotas, and nothing else. Those are waaaay too easy to hack. I feel like that girl in The Walking Dead who cut the jaws and arms off some zombies to have them carry her bags.
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    This grabbed my attention because I thought the first line said something like:

    Manager: Can you stay late and fuck today?
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