Is it just me or has the usefulness of Google search been SEO'd to death? At this point only Bing and even freaking Brave Search are providing results that are related to what I'm looking for. Even Gigablast does a better job than Google sometimes (props for open sourcing the backend, Gigablast maintainer guy)

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    For a lot of things alternatives are better, however more niche searches I'll struggle to find results using bing or DDG, but end up first page in google 🤷‍♂️

    There's no winning.
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    DDG is the way to go for tech searches!
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    Google have definitely succumbed to SEO-hell over the last few years. I'm still unsure as to whether it's incompetence, underfunding, or deliberately keeping certain companies "happy" under the radar.

    Either way, they need to up their game imho.
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    I got the feeling that Google is particularly bad at finding the right stuff when there are too many results. Like too many unrelated results and you start to search the needle in the haystack.
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    There's a conflict of interest; Google is making money from the time you spend looking for an answer because they most likely run the ads on the visited websites. If you found what you're looking for instantly they'd make less money.
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