What is a waste of time when you are trying to develop your career as a software engineer?

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    The "waiting for build v1.99.69.420 to finish" screen.
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    - working primarily for money instead of trying to learn as much as possible
    - working in a company, that doesn't align with your end goals, or a shitty company
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    @WildOrangutan Yes!! We can learn and explore lots of skill in IT field.
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    For me: fighting wars about stuff you just learned
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    - Working in a place where you can’t learn and progress
    - working on a project you hate
    - working with opinionated and arrogant people
    - working in a company that thinks micromanaging is great, in other words people who don’t trust you
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    MCTS? Yes, you can read. But it doesn't say anything about you as a developer.

    Please tell this to recruiters every single chance you get.
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    Meetings that could have been an email.
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