My programming class kinda sucked. Here's why.
1. They taught C++. To students who had never seen a line of code in their lives. The language with 90+ keywords.

2. The teacher. We had to use switch statements to do something. It took around 300 loc. I used an array and shortened it to 5. He took some points away for not doing it correct. IT LITERALLY WORKS THE SAME AND IS SHORTER. This was not the first time I had shortened something/made it more readable and been docked points on the assignment.

3. Commenting. He told us to comment as much as possible, which is not correct. Comment what needs commenting. Not everything.

4. The compiler. We worked on windows with an online compiler. He decided teaching us to set up a compiler was too hard. We used onlinegdb, which isn't inherently bad. However, onlinegdb is based on Linux. He compiled our programs with a windows compiler.

Maybe these are just problems because I've programmed before that, but I still think they are red flags. What do you think?

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    1. This is for follow on classes no?

    2. Considering he is teaching people who have never coded then he wants you to use what he gives you. There will be plenty of time to get creative in your code. He wants to ensure you learn the current topic.

    3. This is a reaction to people who don't learn to comment at all. What do you interpret as what needs commenting?

    4. mingw works just fine on Windows. msvc is a lot better than it used to be as well. I have found bugs in mingw that forced me to switch to msvc.
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    1. Idk what that is this is a high school class
    2. We had already had four or five classes going over switch and if else statements. I'm pretty sure everyone got it, but you do have a point.
    3. If something doesn't make sense to the reader, or isn't very readable, it needs commenting. One-liners are the first thing I think of. They do something short, but they're hard to understand without comments. He was teaching us that stuff like 'int ageOfUser = 3' should be commented with 'declarse variable ageOfUser to 3', when it's pretty obvious what's going on.
    4. There are some std lib differences between Linux and Windows. The program would compile on my computer, but not on his because of some std library function differences
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    1. C++ isn't a bad language to start with at all, it may have over 90 keywords, but to start with you only need < 10 anyway. You can use pretty much any language to teach beginners as long as you understand it very well yourself... They don't have stupid ideas about language supremacy yet

    2. this is a red flag to me. Sounds to me that the teacher himself isn't very well versed in programming then. To me it seems like he was asked to teach programming and prepares classes from online tutorials just before the lessons... No actually programmer and teacher would deduct points to a better solution without explaining what it isn't better...

    3. Again, this sounds like he took something he heard about comments to an extreme, because he has no reference for how commands are used in real projects... sounds like the teacher is a hobbyist at best and completely clueless at worst

    4.This I don't find that offensive, at least online compilers allow you to jump straight to teaching. eh
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