I have a server that's is happy being full. Well atleast that's how I think of it ... I deleted all the logs and anything I thought was taking up space the server will go from 93GB space ussd out of 120Gb. To 119GB used in least than 10 minutes... am tired I fell like just turn it off physically in the server room and going to sleep .. f%$$%k this . I have cleared logs like 10 times now

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    Stop the services which fill those log files

    Or write a cron job to empty those files
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    Sounds like someone left debug level logging on a very noisy service by mistake.

    Also, that server needs more disk, that's a tiny amount of space remaining after you're clearing logs.
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    I recommend `ncdu /`, then you can see what directories take the most space. After that you could use `lsof` to see what programs write to those directories
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    Redirect all output to /dev/null.

    Wait till someone cries.

    Give them reason to cry by telling them they won the task to decrappify their logging.
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