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My previous bosses were real awesome people. However, the current one is an intentional asshole.

He wants to review every piece of work. He thinks I am a retard who knows shit. He has no sense of feedback vs. humiliating criticism.
Fucker questions every single word.

For example, consider the following statement, "They are taking the Hobbits to Isengard."

He'd critical question every word like,
What do you mean by 'they'?
Why have you mentioned it?
Why does 'They' exists in English vocabulary?
Why cannot you try 'Your'?
What data points you have?

And after endless questioning, he'd repeat the same with next word. Making sure to break my spirit of working for him.

And let me add that his communication is saturated with heavy jargons which are difficult to understand. At times, I slow down to understand and absorb and he has a problem with that as well.

My past experience says that I learned a lot from strict managers.

But this fucker intentional criticises every aspect with zero to negative appreciation. All in the name of feedback.

I have gotten tons of compliments and good ratings in the past based on my communication and thought process. However, this fucker feels that my thought process is shit and I don't know how to communicate. Furthermore, he feels that I lack sense of ownership.

I really don't know what he saw in my resume or me to even hire me in the first place.

Given how he treats me and others, no wonder people are leaving. And if he fires me, good luck to him finding a sensible replacement who matches his expectations or puts up with his crap.

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