I'm intrigued, what are you all trying to learn in your spare time and how?

I'll go first, brushing up on maths by reading K A Stroud advanced engineering mathematics.

He's got an intro level book that's also very good.

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    I actually gave up doing code-related activities in my free time
    I found I was never giving myself a break!
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    Reading: fiction, science-fiction, history.
    At least one day per week I try to not open the computer but I still have to ditch the smartphone.
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    Learning modern metaprogramming C++. Yes I'm crazy.
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    Meanwhile I'm -trying- to do a lame ass website with django​...
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    I finish whatever's been on the pending list (side-work, not office related) or I just play video games or watch something, I guess. Been trying to learn Angular but haven't had much luck.
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