Le me at the end of an interview

Recruiter: What is your salary expectations

*trying to find a good number but without exaggeration*

Me: well, about x USD.

Recruiter: that's ok for us.

Me inside: oh I should asked more than that! Stupid me.

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    What if you actually said the highest they would agree to? ;)
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    In this course I did in between semesters last year they gave us some guidelines on how to deal with interview Qs. One of the tips was that, when that Q was asked, the "best" answer we could give is "you should pay me according to your salary table", or something like that. Otherwise you could end up asking (and getting) for less than you could be actually receiving, or they could think you were greedy, as you were asking for more than they would paying you and end up don't hiring you
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    "A bazillion dollars"

    "That's an unreal number"

    "I'm an unreal developer 😎"
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    Maaaaaan, pls stop using 'le'
    It makes anything sound way too stupid
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    Whats 'le' 😇😂
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    @calmyourtities I will say that number to the next recruiter
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