As an ex-manager I now realize standups are used for control.

1. It sets a time when everyone must be present (might as well read-out names like it's school)

2. You, the manager, get to have people giving "offerings" of their work for you to approve, deny or bless with your gracious interest ("can you please stay on the call? lets discuss further")

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    Standup is literally what I set my alarm for. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a bad thing that the manager has some control even as I'm usually a proponent of increased freedom. Work is just a school camp anyway, you just get paid for attendance.
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    I'm back in the office now (which I consider a good thing since I have a crappy work space at home) but when I worked from home during the last two years I would roll out of bed just a few minutes before standup. Wake up, make coffee, and put on my headset.

    Sometimes I'd hit Snooze and have to go straight from my bed to the meeting and delay my coffee.
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    Managers are mot supposed to be in the standup. If you are not a part of the delivery team, GTFO.
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    If you want to think about it like that then sure.

    I like to think it's about team work synchronization. Much like you need to synchronize concurrent systems, which is exactly what a team is. A system of independent workers, and if you don't synchronize or delegate work to your workers they are idling or waiting for each other.
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    i worked in one company where standups were done right, and none of what you wrote really applied to those:
    1. the team was scattered across the country
    2. people actually gave updates to what was happening with each of the clients yesterday and what's gonna probably be happening today, so the boss heard our side of things before he heard client's side.
    3. it gave him an idea of what's going on and what shit he needs to prepare himself for from the clients.
    4. it actually gave us, the team, sense of comradery and shared struggles, and feeling that yeah, people "around me" are doing stuff too, i'm not a lonely dude in the corner coding something.
    5. the time for those standups was set at 11:00 AM, so pretty reasonable.
    6. it was basically the only thing besides the end of the workday that i was looking forward to each day.
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    @magicMirror it could be though that the team is pretty small from the start.
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    @Midnight-shcode this appears to work with us as well. We do standups at 9:45 though to afford people the rest of the day to work on their own for the most part.
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    The standups I run are more about making sure everyone is working well so I don't get a nasty surprise
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