I decided to go freelance/contracting. Headhunters keep pitching me permament roles (and I love watching them run out of pitch lines :D )

Headhunter: This job can't do your asking salary, but can offer career development.

Me: Already did that. was Engineer, then Architect, then CTO. I'm actually stepping back to be an Engineer.

Headhunter: Ok well, in this job you can do things start to finish, see them through to the end.

Me: I actually get bored after a while. Prefer change.

Headhunter: Well this place has a great culture and fun atmosphere!

Me: It's an insurance company mate...

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    Hey, don't knock insurance companies! I work for one and... Okay, fine, the culture and atmosphere are not really incentives to keep me from quitting.

    I actually have the opposite problem. I have a salaried position with great benefits, and LinkedIn recruiters keep offering not just contract positions, but very short-term contract positions. And I don't even need to hear the offer to know that they're probably offering me less than I already make. Or more, but not enough to justify losing my current insurance and other benefits.
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    @EmberQuill Honsestly I don't mind the insurance company culture. To be fair - contracting usually gets you placed in the not-so-glamorous places like banks and gov offices anyway.

    But if you're going to make the better culture argument there better be a 24h ice-cream bar and drones flying in the office is all I'm saying ;)
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