Oh, this PHP thing is becoming big, we must use this; *makes ASP*

Oh, oh, this Java thing is really popular, and we're not the big bois now! *releases C#*

Waaait, functional is cool now? Damnit. Dude, grab this~~~ *F#*

Uhh. So people actually like JavaScript now? A wild *~~TypeScript~~* has appeared

Why does Microsoft have a history of following trends, and releasing poor clones with no substantial improvements??

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    Some would say they have a history of creating great clones without copying the weaknesses of the original.
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    Actually C# is cool and F# is useful in analysis, but I agree on ASP.NET and Typescript
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    Typescript is good for devs coming from static typed languages like C,Java.This makes their jobs simpler, no need to remember what type of value you're getting and what is returned
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    @QCat i kinda disagree, we use things like haskell and R most of the time for analysis, but i dont doubt that f# would be just as good
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    There was Unix... Good days... Then comes MSDOS
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    @RazorSh4rk it doesn't mean f# is not useful. It is faster than R (about 200 times) and can access lots of pre-made stuff. It trivially generate MS Office files and reads them. It is really underrated.

    As for me I do analysis in R, Elixir or C++ and CUDA
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    @QCat ahhh i wish i could play around with cuda but we use firepro cards
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    But we love TypeScript, don't we? *insert googly eyes here*
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    Ai becomes popular..
    Microsoft accidently creates.. well.
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