Some had teased me a bit on my previous meme so let me tell my anecdote...

I have to tell you a rather funny anecdote that happened to me during a job interview..

To put you in context, I am a front/back developer and the language where I perform best is JS. I started learning JS at an early age during an open source project to make animations on websites then I also quickly moved to the backend using NodeJS. I gained a lot of experience by going to small start-ups and this time if I wanted to try my luck on big companies in the field of video games.

So I wanted to present some projects to my interlocutor who seemed to be someone with an important position in the company, about 26 years old and we talked about the JS language. I showed him all my projects including those where I was doing free/open source and also in the field of video games such as volunteering like the back off https://mylolmmr.com And suddenly he called out to me and said "JS is not a real language".

I must confess that I was quite disturbed by his assertion and did not understand his condescension or his belittlement. This mind...

Especially since I find it extremely misleading to say that the JS language is not a real language when you know its advantages and disadvantages, but I did not dare to express myself on this subject and we continued the interviews, even though he saw that it bothered me.

The funny thing is that once the interview is over and I decide to go home and I receive a call from the company in question who wanted me to take a technical test telling me that the oral interview was successful...

I reassure you right away, I refused.. For a question of salary which was extremely low and obviously the bad experience with this famous director.

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    Was it a gaming company? Some companies want C++ or C# experience.
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    Dodged a bullet there. Gaming companies are notorious for crunch time during whole projects and cheaping out on their employees. The whole industry is the definition of toxic and when you can avoid working for a non-indie game company, you certainly should do so.

    If you really want to do something with games, do it in your spare time or go indie dev.
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    js is not a real language, tho.
    thank you for making the company dodge the bullet. games are often technically shit enough even without people who prefer JS making them several layers of needless bullshit worse.
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