Bruh, I tried so many times to explain a problem that something I could have done in 2 days stretched over a month.

The point was to give them a chance to learn and get familiar with the programming language we use. This task was supposed to have no have no deadline, but it's been too long, so now there's a deadline and the work so far was so unsatisfactory, that I'm rewriting it myself, despite having 3 upcoming deadlines on top the fact that our best engineer will not be there for the next week, just because someone doesn't have the ability to think themselves, even though receiving higher education, even though I always lend them an ear and personally guide them, going as far as giving them a step by step guide, just to be greeted with a something wrong after days of no asking for help, followed by days where I need to explain <20 lines of code for literal hours in hopes they learn how to think for themselves.

Also, I don't know when to finish a sentence

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    I know the pain.
    My current solution for this is to Let Them Fail.
    You are not teaching them the Right Lesson. Simply telling a Junior how to do a thing will not teach Him/Her/It/Whatever how to be independent. It teachs how to depend on you, bc They/Them/That know that in case of failure to deliver - you will cover for them. Don't. Make it thier responsibility to deliver. Short term it is Bad - but long term it will be much better for the team and You.

    So - chin up. Let them run off the cliff.
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