Jira is powerful tool, especially when we combine it with Bitbucket. But, have you ever worked in a company where for example creating feature branch or merging PR changed jira ticket status? Personally I have never seen such automation, even if all clients I have worked for always complained about dev not changing statuses in jira.

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    Yes. Ours.
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    We don't do it, but I know how to do it.
    The automation in Jira can be satisfying to use, and that's just for the tickets alone.
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    Yes once.
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    I worked as a consultant for a BIG company and they tried (gitlab on-prem) but management shot it down. I guess it was too automagic for them.

    Working now for a different BIG company and the problem is still the same. Infinite levels of middle management where velocity goes to zero. Control. It is really toxic.
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    @rarboot I love JIRA! I think its great! As long as I don’t have to do anything.

    Feels like our business is being in a hostile takeover situation. A lot of money here. SAFE/whatever is being attended by infinite levels of middle management and incompetent people trying to make sense of the complexities only we understand. Since they do not understand computers and/or the business, they are poorly equipped to solve any problem or to make our situation better.
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