Fuck YouTube and their sponsored content!
You can clearly see they get paid to promote certain videos as they pop out of nowhere, regardless of your interests, and no matter how many time you click "I don't like this" or "don't recommend channel".
It can be simple stuff like Warthunder vids (which I don't play and never searched for),
Or complex like the Amber Heard trial - vids that make her look foolish. Feels like Depp dropped some serious cash on YouTube to make him look like a victim! (regardless if he really is or not)
Isn't there a law that sponsored content must be marked as such?

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    The Depp/Heard trial is an incredibly popular topic, so popular it's entirely possible that it broke the Youtube recommendation algorithm. The plague of war thunder videos is irritating and puzzling however.
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    I have even played WT but I haven't seen those videos in a while even though I used to watch one channel because it is quite funny.

    The lawsuit thing was in my feed maybe once. Couldn't care less so I marked "I don't like this" like you, haven't seen those since.
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    Why did I read YouTuba, lol
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    I feel like the Grammarly ads are a personal attack.
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    Youtube recommends you what it thinks make you use youtube more. So if something is absurdly popular, you probably will get it recommended sooner or later no matter what. To test whether your profile is considered or not, try surfing youtube anonymously - you should see waaaaay more of the shit you don't like (but maybe also way more of the shit you like as there obviously is less bubbling without the profile).
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    @Oktokolo I turned off personalization. I do see stuff related to my channels though. I found if there is stuff they push, and you downvote and make comments negative toward the subject, some of that goes away.
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    @Oktokolo I'm pretty sure it also stops giving good recommendations if you watch too long, to force you out so you come back tomorrow.
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    @electrineer Nah, it never stopped recommending me more stuff that is like what i already watched. I am pretty sure, "the algorithm" would be completely fine with me watching YouTube nonstop until i die of thirst and hunger. And that actually is how it should be - i am pro right to die by watching cat content until starvation.
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    @Oktokolo 2022 is the year for starvation. Did you know the movie Soylent Green was originally set in 2022?
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    @Demolishun Well, i like people - curious what they really taste like (would expect a pork-like flavor)...
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    @Oktokolo for me it definitely runs out of watchable content sometimes, it just selects a couple channels and lists multiple old videos from each of them in a row
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    I stopped using YouTube and now use STube which cuts out all advertising.

    The algorithm will try to surface things based on past usage but you can choose not to preserve history.

    Simply subscribe to channels of interest or search for specific content.

    The application will connect to your Google account so it can make use of your existing subscriptions using identity federation.

    Haven’t looked back since.
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    @Oktokolo I feel youtube doesn't have good recommendations for me, as I'm subscribed to just a few channels and marked almost everything it suggested as "not interested/don't recommend".

    So I often get just blank spaces or the same vids on my feed.

    That's why when something completely unrelated pops in it's very visible and clear it was promoted.
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