If archaeologists from 1000 years in the future find a fossilized copy of your code? What would they think about it?

Regex would definitely classify as alien manufacture.

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    They'd find it in the Github Arctic Code Vault. They would be disgusted with my unit tests.
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    @homomorphicanus You guys have unit tests?
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    they will find a lot of different languages all saying 'Hello world'.

    They will be confused as hell...
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    "Look at those cave people... They actually wrote code manually back then..."
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    What is this ancient technology called "code"?
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    "What does this do and why does it work????"
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    @homomorphicanus every sane person who knows how to write code is disgusted by the very idea of unit tests. No, uncle bob is not a sane person. If I were to write a random UML diagram generator, the architecture generated by it will be better than anything he ever designed.
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    I hope they would have little bit of reflective-emotional moment looking on all those //TODOs that I was planning to implement, yet never had a time to do so ...
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    @kiki > "every sane person who knows how to write code is disgusted by the very idea of unit tests"

    Let me correct that statement, every sane developer is disgusted by *other developers" unit tests.

    Mine are always textbook perfect.

    Want to see some? Sure...um...<opens Visual Studio> ...no not that one....how about...eww...no....how about....ahhh...got one.....wtf!?...was I drinking turpentine when I wrote that?!

    When I find one of my perfect tests...I'll post it.
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    Human archaeologists or different species?
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    yeah absouletly
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    @PaperTrail well, you won't be disgusted by mine. Because I never wrote them. I'm a CTO.
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    I sometimes add this to my comment header:

    "What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican"

    That should throw them a curveball
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    Whatever it is, they will probably tell me in their prayers.
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